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Edinburgh Wax Museum

Edinburgh Wax Museum opened in 1976 and was soon attracting more than 230,000 visitors a year. Displays included Scottish historical figures, fictional characters, and, as you might expect, a chamber of horrors.  The museum was curated by Charles Cameron, a professional magician, who also performed as Count Dracula in night-time shows in the Castle Dracula Theatre on the top floor.

Ticket for Castle Dracula's Gothic House of Terror

Despite its popularity the owners decided to sell the premises for office development and the museum closed in 1989, joining the ranks of lost wax museums. The premises were up for sale again in 2008, but it seems nothing came of plans to reopen the museum.

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5 replies on “Edinburgh Wax Museum”

Really hope the wax musem opens again in Edinburgh loved going there as a kid visitors to the city would love it.

The wax works are now at the Carmichael Visitor Centre in the borders and are open Tuesday to Sunday.

A small part of the wax museum has re opened but it is in a farmhouse in Carmichael outside Lanark now instead. No idea how it got there! 🙂

Yes Charles Cameron was a very interesting man and was actually part of the magic circle, met him once and lovely man but massive eccentric had a ring ???? with an actual glass eye ???? on it was very spooky. I done the payroll for Edinburgh Wax Museum in my first job at an accountants … went to the chamber of horrors and he got staff to dress up it was amazing. Loved ❤️ it!!!!

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