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Bournemouth Transport Museum

Yellow bus from Bournemouth Transport Museum
Leyland bus from Bournemouth Transport Museum marked as a Mobile Museum. Photo by Michael Wadman at Netley rally, 1988.

The Bournemouth Transport Museum was a collection of public transport vehicles on display to the public each summer, probably from the late 1970s. It was later known as the Bournemouth Heritage Collection. Some of the vehicles were returned to commercial service in the early 1990s. The collection changed hands and locations a number of times and was eventually sold at auction in 2011. The bus pictured above now appears to be in the West of England Transport Collection, along with many other Bournemouth vehicles. Interestingly it is labelled as a mobile museum, although we don’t know if it contained any exhibits. As always, if you can offer any information about this, please get in touch.

Image via Michael Wadman on Flickr, where you can also read a short but detailed history of the collection.

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